Show me your separate enclosure for young chicks near flock

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    Apr 1, 2016
    When researching chicken tractors and deciding what to build, I came upon a post where the person had built a separate enclosure that was in sight of the rest of the flock. I can't find it now, of course. They kept their small chicks in there so they could get used to and learn from the older chickens while still being safe from being pecked or trampled. Then at some point when they're bigger, they let them out with the grown chickens and it's not a crazy shock to anyone to have "intruders".

    I have baby guinea keets that I was told it would be best to raise with the chickens so they get used to them AND will go into the coop at night to be protected from predators. So........... I'm looking for ideas on how to build some sort of box to keep them separate, but together.

    I have 4 guinea keets. Two are almost a week old and two are almost a month old. The older ones are about ready to go outside. They actually were outside before, but because we lost 2 chickens to a racoon (which I found out was actually a FAMILY of 6 racoons!!!), I brought them back inside until I have a more secure enclosure for them. So..... I'm just looking for ideas on what to build for them. I was thinking it might be best to make it somewhat mobile, as I have a proper coop box on my chicken tractor that they get closed in at night (after losing the 2 to raccoons when I did not close and latch the box and the chickens had access to the chicken wire run portion all night). I'd need to put the smaller box in the coop part at night and then move it out into the run during the day. The older chickens are free range during the day - I just open the door to the tractor and let them run freeeeee. They love to be out and are so fun to watch.

    We are just LOVING having chickens. Or at least I am. They are a 4H project for my kids, but I think I'm the one that gets the most enjoyment out of them. LOL
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    the blue box is a storage bin with a hole cut in the side for wind protection
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    I've got just such a setup. It worked out great. That panel on the right side of the small enclosure opens up. After the littles were a bit bigger, I cracked that open just enough so they could slip in and out at will but the big girls couldn't make it in. We had almost no behavior problems after a few weeks of at-will mingling. The little girls do tend to stay on their own more, but they all get along just fine.

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