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    May 2, 2010

    I think two are barred rocks, one male and one female. One has a smaller white dot on head and black stripes on legs....female?

    One is black with some brownish "gloss" on wings. White spot on underside. Have no idea what this one is.

    2 brown ones are araucanas, right? Or all three? One has no "fuzz" in between wings, wings are bigger and closer together and has a tail. The other brown ones are tail-less and have, as you can see, fuzzy backs with smaller wings. All hatched under mama from fertile eggs someone gave me and had no idea what the breeds were.

    I have to get rid of the roos ASAP due to living in a nighborhood. Can you tell me how old they should be before I can consider giving them away? Mama is still very protective. Will she always be?


    p.s. some of them have darker beaks than others. is this a hint about gender? AND, some combs look a little more yellow than others.
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    Sorry, I can't help, but cute chicks!
    If you don't get any responses you might want to edit your title and ask for help identifying them. [​IMG]

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