Show of your Incubator!Homemade or not!

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  1. Come and show of your incubators!Weather they are DIY Homemade or Store/Online Bought, come and show us some pics of your setup!

  2. PD-Riverman

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    Jan 14, 2012
    Conway SC
    These 2 of mine are home-made.

    These 2---the red one is a older modified Dickies. The other is a home-made I picked up for $40 at a auction.


    This one is a 1202 GQF.

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  3. gpop1

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    May 2, 2015
    Tried a cheap made in china 48 egg incubator and I didn't like it so I made this from a wine cooler


    it holds trays in a turner I made


    its has auto temp, humidity, turner and a bunch of other options that we never use like 24hr/48hr hold etc. Its been running over a year constantly incubating while another wine cooler acts as a hatcher

    this is another one I built (picture taken during testing)


    the final design had 3 auto turning racks that were cheap junk that constantly needed there motors replaced. As we reduced the number of eggs we hatched per week this got stuck in the back of the spare room. I liked the design where the turners were on draw runner but the unreliable turners means that if we ever need to use this again then I will build my own tilt table style turners.

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