Show off your Muscovies and other ducks!

It's kind'a weird, I don't have Muscovies...or any ducks at all! And I'm starting this thread....:oops:
SHOW OFF YOUR MUSCOVIES and other ducks, too! :celebrate I do love ducks, even though I don't have them...*yet*! ;)

Well, I know @Claires Poultry and @FluffTheDuck will like this thread! :D

Keep the Quackers coming! :caf
uck mom here and I’m officially head over heels with my two ducks Donald and Daisy! I think my friends and family have had about enough of me only talking or thinking about my ducks and chickens and I have successfully flooded all their phones with pics so I’ll share my loves with you guys! Lol!!

Donald saying hi


Donald and Daisy for their morning soak with peas... getting a kiddie pool and my bf is building a ramp today bc they’ve grown out of their first “pool”
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Tuckered out little girl <3

The one and ONLY time I could get Donald to snuggle... (for a minute lol)

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