Show Off Your ShowGirls Contest-----Ends August 8

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    Welcome! This is a contest strictly for ShowGirls-----the beauties of the bantam world.

    Rules: One photo per entrant per category----just don't post 2 pics. in any category.
    Fill out info. on photo first, and then post the photo
    Entrant must own the bird.

    Categories: Most Magnificent Roo
    Most Glamorous Hen
    Most Adorable Chick
    Most Stunning of ShowGirls (this is like Best of Show)

    Name: Einstein
    Gender: Roo
    Age: 4 Months
    Category: Most Magnificent Roo

    I will do the judging alone----unless someone else would like to help judge. In that case, PM me----if you are a judge, you cannot enter the contest.
    There are no prizes at this time----would someone like to donate a prize? If not, then it will just be for fun.
    Good luck, and get posting!
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