SHOW OFF YOUR YUM! Food Photography Thread


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Dec 29, 2015
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Doing potato and beef stew probably yes corn in there.
Stew will be white maybe
Okay yes photo tonight.
I am still thinking but baking powder biscuits with it


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Jul 29, 2013
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I want to share a picture today because it's silly and fun.

Now you may be thinking "Why, that looks like some really delicious fish with some fancy plating! Why is that silly?"
Because, my friends, of this;

This second image is a picture from a popular videogame; Final Fantasy XV. It's known for its really beautiful and hyper-realistic food.
This dish is called "Fire-sauce Fillet". The in-game ingredients in this game for this recipe are; "Dank Barramundi Fillet, Kettier Ginger, Sweet Pepper". In-game, food gives you stat boosts, and this dish gives you Strength +200, Magic +200, HP +600 (which is a powerful boost).

Our version is made with a barramudni filet, ginger, orange and green bell peppers, and this recipe for a spicy sweet barramundi sauce and fish cooking instructions. We followed the recipe, and then tossed jullianned bell peppers and ginger into the sauce while the fish broiled and lightly sauteed them until soft.

Ultimately we served it much more practically with a proper side salad and some rice and broccoli. But it sure makes a nice picture this way!

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