Show prepping a backyard bird for 1st show

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    Mar 25, 2016
    I just signed up my serama bantam for a late January poultry show. I'm reading up on the how to's of show prep and could use a little advice. The bird has had free range of the backyard the last 3 years and I'm worried that if I put it in a rabbit hutch for 2 weeks before the show it will get depressed and start plucking feathers etc. especially being separated from the other birds. Any suggestions? Just do it? It is a show bird based on pedigree, so I'm hoping it has at least a snowball chance in hell, as long as its not disqualified, even though I'm completely new to poultry shows.
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    I am glad you're interested in showing birds. It's a fun hobby.

    First, is the bird a purebred, exhibition quality bird?
    Is the bird from stock that has been shown successfully/
    Does the bird meet the standard for the bird as written for the breed?

    These are very important questions. I personally recommend you first attend a poultry show. Plan on spending the WHOLE day watch the process of prepping, cooping , judging and all the rest.

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