Show quality Andalusian cockerels - black only- FREE, Northern VA


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Nov 17, 2009
Purcellville VA
I have a couple of well bred black Andalusian cockerels - about 16 weeks old now. They are from a new show bloodline and will be a great addition to any heritage breeding program.

My main Andalusian rooster is the best - not aggressive with people, takes great care of his hens and very smart :) We are partners on the 30+ free range hens he has to organize right now.....sometimes I can see him saying "phew" when they finally all decide to go home...:)

If you are looking for a roo that will work with you, please consider them - if you want to breed Andalusians I will work extra hard with you as I LOVE this breed :) These cockerels cannot be shown as they are Black and the only color the APA recognizes is Blue (shame on them - they can be shown in other countries). If you breed Blacks with Blues or Splashes you will get Blues.

But if you are looking for an active roo that will take care of the girls, has enough smarts to keep them out of trouble, and won't get aggressive.....these are "the men in black" :)

and FREE :)



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Oct 10, 2008
Northern CA
They sound great, but I already have WAY too many roos. Sorry

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