Show Quality Blue, black, blue mottled and black mottled cochins


11 Years
Mar 12, 2008
Los Angeles CA
I have a large pen full of 26 cochins, in blue, black, mottled, and blue mottled. the blue and black are split for mottled. i have too many to send individual pics, so what i am going to do is take orders. PM me what color you want (IE: black mottled pair, blue rooster, black mottled hen) etc. and all pairs and shipping is one flat rate which is above, 75$ a pair and 60$ shipping. availability will be based on first come first serve, until all the birds are gone.

here are the parents of the birds

here are the birds that are for sale

PS- i am getting out of chickens that is why the birds are for sale! thanks

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