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i have decided to sell some of my birds. these come from great lines.

NOTE-these are not swap meet birds, most of these birds are from some of the best lines you will find, these will make great breeder birds. i can ship. buyer pays shipping.

here is what i have

cochin bantams
-1 trio of partrige cochin bantams-laid first eggs about a month ago-$60 for the trio
-1 trio of birchen cochin bantams-young rooster and 2 pullets-laid first eggs about a month ago-$120 for the trio
-3 pairs of black cochin bantams-young birds-$45 a pair
-1 silver penciled cochin bantam hen-$40

wyandotte bantams
-chocolate wyandotte bantam trios-black roosters(split to chocolate), and chocolate hens-$150 a trio/$275 for 2 trios
-1 pair of buff columbian wyandotte bantams-very nice birds-$45 for the pair
-black wyandotte bantam pairs $40/trios $55
-1 white wyandotte bantam rooster-$15

large fowl wyandottes
-2 black laced red hens-$20 each/$35 for both
-1 pair of white wyandottes-$60 for the pair
-3 columbian wyandotte roosters-$25 each
-1 quad(3 hens 1 rooster) of golden laced wyandottes-$125 for the quad

-2 pairs of cornation sussex-$130 for both pairs-must go together

-pairs/trios of black austrolops-$70 a pair/$100 a trio
-black austrolop roosters-$25 each

-pairs/trios of white leghorns-$70 a pair/$100 a trio
-trio of buff leghorns-$135
-trio of mille flur leghorns-$50

-fantail pigeons-5 pairs -$35 a pair or $150 for all
-rollers and homers-$6 each

call ducks
-3 snowy call males-$30 each
-grey call pairs-$100 a pair
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Do you have any pictures of the LF black lace red wyandottes? How old are they? What lines?

Same questions regarding the LF 1 pair of white wyandottes.

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