"Show Quality" Naked Neck / Turken Body Type?

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    Offshoot from another conversation on BYC - some of us were wondering - what does a "show quality" Naked Neck look like?

    Curious on body, tail, etc.

    I have a chicken project I am working on and found the Naked Necks from Privett Hatchery stock were a great addition.

    But there are so many NN's strains, where someone takes one breed and then adds the Naked Neck to it - in which case it would be a Naked Neck Ameraucana, or a Naked Neck Orpington. I was wondering, what is the "original" true body type? Are there traits unique to the Turken that are not seen in RIR, Buff Rock, etc?

    BTW the use of NN was great help here - pics show the original Privett Hatchery hens with Mottled rooster. I started with both hens at first and then worked with just the Buff Colombian one with the black tail and yellow legs. She is still in my flock.




    (Above, hen today, she's older like 3 - 4 years at this point.)

    And surprisingly one buyer of a hen of mine showed her at the fair, under the "Other" category (because this is not an approved color) and got a blue ribbon! Pretty neat.

    Her grand-chick at the fair:


    Been very happy with the Turken bloodline. Would love to see photos of show winners - Buff in particular!

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