Show Quality Splash Silkie?

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    Jul 11, 2017
    I'm looking for input on this Splash Silkie. I'm 99% sure it's a pullet. It hatched on 6/10/18... so still fairly young. I bought her when she was 3 days old and have raised her. I've never showed before, but I've been considering getting into it.

    42059309_296946654225293_5100130220682248192_n.jpg 42059437_2412386678788359_3671958319502721024_n.jpg 41845952_2412386622121698_2819355750164332544_n.jpg 41934663_296946700891955_8828747495350730752_n.jpg
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    Hi there. :frow

    Yes, that is a pullet! :celebrate

    Regarding showing... I haven't done so yet but am considering it also. I breed (quality) bearded Silkies, going on a few years now. I will just give you my take based on what I have seen this far, watching some shows on TV about showing poultry...

    First a copy of the APA Standard of Perfection... at least the best free one I could currently find, for you to familiarize yourself with...

    I have a feeling a real copy of the standard might be an invaluable resource.

    Right of the top... her comb and waddles are nice and small and dark as they should be, as far as I can tell. Her toes also look nice and dark though I cannot make out the two inner toes to see their quality. Her beak is also nice and dark. :thumbsup

    Looking at her head on... her crest could be more rounded, it is kinda flat in the front. But MANY others will face the same thing. I know judges will also scrutinize beard shape. Some things are much less important though and they use them more secondary to help determine the difference when they have a few really good birds and can't decide between the best. It would be great if you could get a copy of their point system.

    I suggest spread her wings and check for split wing.

    She may not be exactly perfect... but the local level of competition is much different than those who make it to nationals and such. And you have to start somewhere so you can get familiar with the whole process. To me she is plenty good enough for your first starter bird! And much better than any hatchery Silkies I've seen.

    I have heard people talk of conditioning pens for their show birds but have not yet researched.

    I suggest adding to your current line up of pics for scrutiny... one of her comb with the crest pulled back so we can see shape and look for sprigs. And also one showing the inner toes. 5 toes per foot are a must.

    I personally like to see better splashing than that and feel like I might be seeing some "smuttiness" in her color... But I understand each bird is an individual and this may be something that is very subjective.

    I still think she is a little beauty. :love And am participating in this thread So I can learn as well! Thanks for sharing. :pop
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  3. StrivingForBetter

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    Jul 11, 2017
    Thank you so much for replying!! It was very informative and helpful! I will definitely get more pics up asap. :)
  4. KKVDK

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    Feb 24, 2018
    I agree and I also breed show quality silkies. Here are some pics of my splash pullet I'm showing next year. Her head is a bit mucky as she was just playing in the mud. Also she is only 3 month now. IMG_4151.JPG IMG_4149.JPG

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