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    Apr 15, 2008
    I adore Silkies, all white in particular. [​IMG] My favorite is the all White really fluffy ones that look like an angora chicken with a PomPom head. [​IMG] But was wondering what is the 'definition' of a Show Quality Silkie? I know the breed standard has feathered 5toed feet, & I've heard of a 'vaulted skull', besides the feathered fluffy coat. But as pet silkies I care only that their fluffy egg laying pets. I like the fluffy coats but does that mean that only ones described as 'show silkies' have the fluffy coats with full PomPom heads? And do they need a vaulted skull to have the full PomPom head? I'm just wondering because it seems I see either regular average fluffy silkies with not much of a PomPom head fluff or fluff coats, or ones labeled as "show silkies" that have the fluffy coat & full PomPom head, but are also described as having the 5toes & vaulted skulls. [​IMG] ?
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    Quote:Not all show silkies have vaulted skulls. And not all silkies with NON vaulted skulls have bad 'pom poms' aka crests. I've seen silkies with equally large beautiful full crests that did not have a vaulted skull. However the ones with vaulted skulls tend to have larger more full crests. As for the most fluffy ones, yes you want the most fluffy ones with the least amount of regular hard feathers as possible, though of course some on the wing are normal.

    For what makes a bird show quality you just have to study their standard, which is on their breed website or in the APA standard of perfection book (but thats a WEE bit pricey).

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