Show those quail chick photos!


10 Years
Mar 31, 2009
Virginia is for Chick Lovers!
I just love to see the babies!!! They are sooooo tiny, and just the cutest things. But I guess you all know that or else you wouldn't be hatching out that darling eggs!

Sooo, in order to help my craving of wanting a bator now, and because deep down I realize heart ache, and tears would come with me trying to hatch eggs, I'm going to live through your joys!

Also because I have 12 tiny things and no idea what they are! I'm hoping I'll get some idea after seeing your darlings!

Mine are brown, with yellow bellys, two yellowish stripes down the back, reddish brown backs, reddish tails and a dark eyeline from the corner of the eye to the stripes on the back. Just too cute! They are a week old... ahhh....

SHOW ME THE BABIES!!! Thanks a bunch!!!

Edit to change what mine look like. I just went into inspect them! LOL!
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