Show Us Your Cutest

My cutest chicken is Kiwi, a Buff Orpington.
DSCN2925 2.jpg
The cutest chicken I have is probably Piper, the buff Willie in my profile picture. I mail ordered her along with more buff and blue silkies, and spangled OEG bantams. Piper is one of the sweetest and most tame chickens I have ever had.
What about you, TashaFrancios?

Right now I would say this little unexpected mix. I’m fairly confident that she is female at 5 months now. Based on her polish side. You can’t see it in the image but she does have the bright blue ears too. I love that her crest is all on color and that her pattern changes. She is also a big mama’s girl and still wants to sleep under Marie with her newborn sisters. This post is about her.
Here is my little baby. A black australorp easter mix. I call her my austra egger. She was hatched by one of my australorp hens.
2019-10-28 10.04.36.png

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