Show Winning Wyandotte Variety Pack LF & Bantam 31 eggs

Brody's Broodello

12 Years
Jan 9, 2009
I don't do egg auctions, but have a few more than I need this week. So I'm doing a 24 hour auction for Wyandotte eggs in Large Fowl & Bantams. We have bred & showed these birds to Champion placings in ABA/APA shows. Our birds have won BV/RV, BB/BR, Champion & Reserve RCCL. You are getting some of our best bred stock with these eggs. In Bantams you get- 12 White, 5 Black, 3 Silverlaced Large Fowl-9 Silverlaced, 2 Bluelaced Red. I will add any that are laid tomorrow. I will ship Wed Priority Mail. Shipping cost will be determined at the end of the auction when buyer emails me their zip. As with all shipped eggs, I cannot guarantee your hatch( once shipped I cannot control the postal services handling & fertility), but all precautions will be taken to get your eggs to you in good shape, fertility has been Very high here, and I will have wyandottes for sale later in the year for Crossroads & Ohio National. Paypal Payment to [email protected] so eggs can ship ASAP please Thanks!






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I have been looking for Silver Lace Wyandotte hatching eggs to replace my flock to what I had lost to a disease outbreak. Will you have any eggs for sale in the next couple weeks?
It's a one time only deal, as most know I don't sell eggs. Much easier for me to hatch out myself. Maybe that's the reason I have a barn full! lol

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