Show winning xbred drake, lol


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Nov 16, 2015
i saw the 'online poultry' forum amd it reminded me of this local news article I saw the other day (see link to article at bottom of post)

While I am sure the drake in the article is a mighty handsome fellow (and it goes without saying he should not ever have his neck wrung), to me he looks pretty much the same as a number of my drakes...
Could one of my boys have won the show? (And therefore the glory:bow:bow:love:love...?)

Or is there some special feature in this drake that those who have experience in duck exhibition, breed standards (or x-breed stds) and showing etc will be able to see that I cant...

Anyway, comments people? Not on the reprehensible idea that his neck should be wrung, but on his physical characteristics, from a best in show perspective? :eek::D:D:eek:


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Nov 8, 2017
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I wouldn't say that is a very impressive duck. By show standards, something was very wrong with that show if he won. Sorry to say, but those are the facts.

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