Shower Gift (Pix)


15 Years
Apr 4, 2008
Tucson AZ
We have a wedding in the congregation next month. Last Friday we had a Bridal Shower for the bride to be. It was a kitchen shower.

Here is what I made for her.

Here is a better view of just the text

She loved it. And even found a spiritual meaning in it the I didn't think about when I was making it.

The remark made by Papa TenBoom, to his young daughter Corrie, when she asked how the Pastor who lived in the county could call himself a Christian, when he refused to take a Jewish baby to safety in his home.

Papa TenBoom said "Corrie, just because the mouse lives in the cookie jar, that does not make him a cookie."
That is really nice......I love cross stitch.....I just don't have the patience to do it anymore LOL

A friend of mine made me a cross stitch picture of a cottage in the woods for a house warming gift.....We were in the house 2 years before she got done with it. It really takes a long time to work on one. I love the one she made for us.
I try to design things that don't take much time. I have lots of "tiny" patterns and text usually doesn't take much time to stitch. What takes the most time for me is the making of the original layout and getting it on paper.

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