showgirl pullet with crusty eye?


9 Years
May 11, 2010
Borger, TX
I bought a very young showgirl pullet at a chicken swap last weekend. She was (still is) very healthy, eats and drinks right, has good body weight, is feathering properly, etc. Shes the tiniest one in the flock right now but her roo takes good care of her. She was being picked on really bad when I got her and had quite a sore spot on the back of her head where her old flock mates were picking out her crest. The sore is healed up nicely and like I said her feathers are growing out well and all my birds get along (I watch them often) so I know she isn't being picked on.

However, today I noticed her left eye was crusted shut. I took her inside and gently ran it under warm water and cleaned it with a wet q-tip until it opened. It's very swollen and even with the crustys gone she doesn't open it much. I cleaned it gain a little while later with some saline solution and warm water. Its still very swollen and has some crustys. The eye underneath looks just fine so I don't know if its a problem with her eye or the eyelid or something else.

Should I just keep cleaning it until it gets better? What else should I do? Is this an early sign of a bigger problem? Am I just being a paranoid mommy?
It could be a disease, I know there are many that affect the eye, Or she may of just been pecked. What I would do is get some Terramycin to put in it either way it will help. I'd separate her to be on the safe side and watch the others for any signs. Hope she gets better!
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Well, I was cleaning my showgirls eye when I noticed something deep down under the lid. I continued to flush it until I could get at it with a q-tip and out came a good sized chunk of feed! I hope this is what was causing her irritation and now her eye will heal. Even so, I noticed some sores on her body and suspected mites (though I didn't actually see any). I gave her a bath and have her isolated now. ive checked my other birds, no mites, so maybe she was being picked on?
Hope that was it and she gets better !!

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