Showgirl Roo & Silkie Hen (white)

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    Up for auction is a White Showgirl rooster with a White Silkie hen.
    I am going through my birds to pair them up for spring time, and i am selling a few off.
    This showgirl has red in his neck and comb and wattles.
    The silkie is non-bearded, i like the bearded. These 2 are PQ. She has given me some very beautiful babys, even though she has a small crest i have gotten some pretty full crested babys from her. her comb has a flaw in it, but so far it has not shown up in her offsprings.
    These birds are tested clean for Avain and Pollium, as well as is my whole flock.
    Buyer pays for new box of $12.00 and express shipping, you can send me or post here your zip code and i will estimate what the shipping should be.
    When i ship i put lettuce and oranges in the box for them to eat and stay hydrated.

    This is one of there babys.
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