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    Feb 11, 2013
    I am offering one dozen showgirl assortment of eggs. They will be from my white showgirl rooster over one partridge hen and two white hens. Also my calico showgirl rooster over a black, blue, and calico hens. And my paint silkie rooster over a white, black, and partridge hens. So anything will be possible.
    I have a 99% hatch rate here. I cannot guarantee your hatch rate due to the Post Office handling and your environmental conditions. One dozen of these are $25. plus $17 for shipping and handling. I have no more in my incubator and fully loaded. Please send me a PM for my paypal account if you would like to buy these. This a limited time offer.
    Thank you for looking :weee

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    Just a few of the showgirl chicks we have hatched. And our white showgirl rooster and calico rooster and white showgirl hen. The little stripped showgirl chick turned out to be a lavender baby the rest are blacks, whites and blues.
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    Interested in some silkie eggs please!!!

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