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    First sorry I do not have any pictures. In the pen is a pure white showgirl rooster over 5 hens. They are white, black, splash and one blue. Some of the hens are standard. When I hatch them out I get both showgirl and standard. I usually get lots of white's in the hatch as two hens are white as well.

    If I get a chance to get some pictures I will add them.

    Shipping is 12.95 for 6 eggs. I will include some extras from my other pens which are Easter eggers, frizzles, Americanans, and sizzles. I will put in at least 2 extras based on what I have available.

    If you would like a mix of eggs from all the pens I can do that as well. Just PM me and let me know what you would like in the order and we can go from there on price. I am pretty easy to work with.

    My former user name was Monkeyingaroundfarm so some of you may remember me....

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