Showgirls and Silkie

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    I have two Paint showgirls and a White Silkie that are almost 4 weeks old. The pics of them are baby pics, they are much bigger now. One already has some nice loud spots. The one that appears to have been a splash at hatch has feathered out completely white - I'll try to get more recent pics up soon. They are super cute, but aren't quite perfect for my breeding program. I also have a White Showgirl at almost 7 weeks old. The pic of it is from yesterday.

    It is too early to sex any of these birds. None are from hatchery stock, and all are good breeder quality and show prospects. They just aren't exactly what I need right now.

    I would like $20 each for the 4 week old Showgirls, $15 for the 4 week old Silkie; $30 for the 7 week old Showgirl.

    Shipping is $50. Their box is $15. PM me with any questions.
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