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    We have several rare breed chicks available out of our rare and heritage breed poultry. We strive to produce fantastic, show potential birds using only the best breeding quality birds in our program. All our breeds have been carefully selected from prized breeding stock from all over the country and we meticulously breed each variety to the APA standard (when applicable). All our birds have been lovingly raised and cared for by us. These are NOT hatchery birds! We currently have the following breeds available, all chicks are sold straight run (unsexed) and are $15/ea. unless otherwise noted:

    Blue Laced Red Wyandottes
    Swedish Flower Hens
    Buff Laced & Gold Laced Brahmas- $20/ea.
    Cream Legbar- Rare auto sexing breed, sold sexed as pullets/cockerels at birth- $45/ea.-pullet $15/ea.-cockerel
    Marans-Blue Copper, Black Copper and Blue Splash
    Silver Laced Wyandotte
    Barnevelder (both Double Laced- $15/ea. and Blue Double Laced varieties- $20/ea.)
    Buff Laced and Silver Laced Polish
    Isbars (Blue, Black and Splash....very RARE)- $50/ea.
    Ameraucanas (Lavender, Blue Wheaten and Silver varieties)
    Olive Egger (Lavender Ameraucana x Blue Splash Marans)
    Light Sussex/Coronation Sussex
    Lemon Cuckoo Orpington
    Lavender Orpington

    In addition to our own birds, we will be offering the following breeds of chicks in limited quantities. Some of these breeds we are bringing in to raise & add to our own flock. All come from reputable NPIP breeders or APA breeder/Judges.

    Partridge Wyandotte
    Silver Penciled Wyandotte
    Silver Campine

    We will be taking pre-orders for Spring hatching eggs and chicks. Please order early as we fill orders in the order they are received. :)

    PM with questions

    PICK-UP ONLY!!!!
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