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    Hello I am very very interested in showing some chickens. I have no clue how to get started or anything. Right now I have pet quality birds and does anyone know a good site to look up on all the regulations and what judges look for and how to really get started? I am really interested in the silkies, Cochins, and polish but mostly Silkies. Anyways if anybody has some good tips on how to get started that would be greatly apreciated. Oh and does anyone know anybody in FL that would sell some pretty nice SQ silkies and other poultry?

    Thanks a bunch!!!![​IMG]

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    Bobbi porto has some gorgeous SQ silkies here in florida google her [​IMG]
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    Most breeds have a breed club. American Silkie Bantam Club is one. The standards are there for your information.
    Faverolle Fanciers of America is another I know of.

    The way to get started is to first get some good/great quality birds. A good place to get them is at a chicken show. Breeders often bring the ones that decided not to keep for whatever reason to shows to be sold.

    You can also keep you eye on the Buy, Sell or Trade section of this website. There are some very good breeders here. Don't be fooled by someone stating Show Quality in the title for eggs. Many run of the mill Silkies come from Show Quality Parents. In my opinion, start with a good pair of the breeds you want and start breeding. Follow the Father to Daughter, Granddaughter and Mother to Son,Grandson method and you should do well. It is not recommended to breed sister to brother since the identical genes will be present in both birds and can ultimately create fertility problems and non-hearty stock. It can be done once or twice but I would stick to using the parent stock for the future breedings. Aunts and Uncles are a better choice if you need to use different breeders.
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    Thank you all for the wonderful advice [​IMG]
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