Showing off my babies’ adult plumage!


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May 22, 2020
Hilo, Hawaii
@TomCahalan and @Duck mommy 2019 you guys were right! My Fred *did* turn out to be a dusky mallard! Isn’t he gorgeous? I was so shocked at how much his plumage has changed, from pure black as a baby, to juvenile mallard-ish coloring, to this! (Not sure why sideways?)

2nd pic shows off all of my babies, older 3 are 15 weeks, younger 2 (Ming-Ming and Sonia) are 12.5. Older ones are starting to mate, but all are respectful so far (I know, too many males, I promise I am keeping close tabs!). Tina and Eugene (gray runner and Pekin) seem to have paired off, and she chases him around if she’s had enough, lol. Fred seems to have paired off w/Sonia (Swedish, supposedly!), but they just flirt so far. And poor lost Ming Ming (tan runner?) just follows everyone around looking lost. She’s a bit...slower than the others, came to us w/very scruffy feathers and looked like she was picked on at her former home (Sonia looked a bit scruffy too, but not as much). She’s definitely not picked on by these guys, they all get along (for now!!), she just kind of goes along to the beat of her own little ducky drum, and they are all fine with that, lol.



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