Showing older than usual chickens at fair

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    Jun 8, 2011
    My 2 boys wanted to show 2 of our older Buff Brahma chicken and rooster for 4-h. (along with many other younger ones too) I tried to convince them not to bring them since I didn't think they would show too well due to them being 7+ years old. But I've got really ambitious boys who convinced me otherwise... At the judging they actually did better than expected and both earned purple ribbons.
    After the show is where my problem starts... Many of the other exhibitors came up and said that my 2 birds were sick and they needed to leave the show. I asked them why they think they are sick? They all said because they are don't move around like the other birds (Just because they were not freaking out in their cages, doesn't mean they are sick)
    Also they have swollen eyes. I told them to look at their eyes, they are clear. It's just extra skin because they are just really old. So then I had people moving their birds away from mine and commenting loud enough for me to hear, "I think my birds are starting to get sick because of those 2...etc...and other comments along the lines of these"
    My chickens (and roosters) were all tested and seen by our vet prior to the fair. Also the judge thought well enough of them to give them purple ribbons. I would think if the judge thought they were sick he would have told me so immediately.
    What should I say to these people who keep talking bad about the birds in front of my boys. They worked really hard with these birds and they are really proud of all of them. Every time someone comes over to the coop and says they look terrible, I hope they don't die, it's hurts my guys... Any ideas?

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