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  1. Is it okay to go around and take pictures of other peoples birds during the show, the show hall etc, after judging is over? I see all other people doing it, but was just wondering about this. I would love to get a bunch of pictures this year at the show of the other birds, but feel very odd doing so.
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    Jan 1, 2009
    Quote:Hi Sundown just ask I am sure nobody would mind.. [​IMG]
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    Most chicken owners are very PROUD of all of thier hard work and not only welcome you taking a pic and showing off thier bird but are more than willing to talk to you about thier breeds and how they have done.. Im sure theres a cremudgen out there but at all of the shows Ive been to , never met one...only pleased owners that you even noticed the hard work they have done... They are usually more than happy to share info..

    Its a chicken, and they are on Public display , and for the public to enjoy and some people want to take pics to go home and research the breed more when they are deciding which breed they might wabnt to buy many , many people stopped to take pictures of the ducks with the powder puffs on tops of thier heads cause they were so funny.. absolutly no one cared...I have a pic of one that I took on my desktop just for the laugh. Im sure if it were some big seecret project they would keep it home and not on public display. Never interfere with a Judge . A few judges dont mind you asking a few questions but its better to just leet them do thier job..

    One of my freinds is an artist who takes photos at the fairs , a lot are at the horse grounds , everything from kids crying because they didnt win or thier pony just isnt cooperating to an over joyed winner to just a quet moment ,or somone exhausted asleep on bales of hay fully dressed for the show..Ive seen some great paintings come out of these pics, she did one called the how did that egg get in there....sometimes little kids are bewildered when achicken lays an egg at a show..they just cant figure the whole thing out and she got a fantastic shot and captured that wonder-bewilderment of that child ..Great stuff.. She does illustrations for book covers ect...
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    I'm more than happy for someone to take photos of my birds!

    Most don't know what the heck they're looking at anyway! Just wanting pictures of "the big bird thing."

    If someone tells you not to take photos of their birds, as you're taking the photo, move on.
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    If you ask most people will be more than willing. there are unscrupulous people out there that take pics of other peoples birds and claim they are the parents of the birds eggs they are advertising. there was a mention of origondi ( long tail I cant spell) pics on ebay in an article in backyard poultry, that were of birds in Europe and some one was saying they were in the US.

    BTW I saw the pics of your birds in the mag too adorable [​IMG]
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    I think the key is to ask first. Just as a courtesy. I'd bet most would be proud, especially if you credited them whenever you posted the pics online. [​IMG]
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    Taking photos is fine, just don't take the birds out of the cage unless you are the bird's owner, the judge or show staff. If you want to take photos of birds outside the cage, find the owner, and take the photos with him/her.
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    Quote:I have only seen this done for breed clubs or pictures of Champion Row for advertising. I do not feel it is ok to take pictures of someone else's bird for your own purposes, even if it is on display.
  9. Quote:I would NEVER touch somebody elses bird, an nobody better ever touch one of my birds. Ive heard crazy stories of people going around and opening cages to "pet" the birds.
  10. Sonoran Silkies

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    Jan 4, 2009
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    I wasn't really directing not handling others' birds at you or anyone specifically, just making a general statement.

    There ARE occasions where a cage should be opened and the bird removed, but they are the rare exception (such as one hen in a trio that was being beat up by the other hen in the trio at the fair a couple of years ago; she was a bloody mess, and fortunately looked much worse than she was). In most cases there is plenty of time to simply find show personnel and bring an issue to their attention.

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