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    Below are some resources for Cent. MO. flock fiends:

    If you need testing/necroscopy the University of Missouri Vet. Lab is in Columbia. They list prices on their site (reasonable).

    If you think contagion (in birds: epornitic) or worse might be the issue, call Rose Foster (Dept. of Ag. Poultry Health Program coord.). She does answer her phone and, depending on the situation, can authorize free necroscopies. She will call lab and clear you to make the delivery.

    Dr. Debbie Leach, DVM has performed surgery on our Royal Palm Tom and has treated bumble foot in our roo. Her undergrad. degree is in poultry science (She knows a pullet from a parrot - unlike some vets) and her prices are reasonable.

    She has an interesting history and an even more interesting staff:

    Her SO has been working on her website (forever) :

    you want to see the pics of the turkey surgery (not for squeamish) :

    She won't twist off spurs, but she's otherwise amenable to treating what can be treated. The Doc and her crew are good folks to have in one's corner (IMHO).


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