Shredded Paper for bedding, floor covering??

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We just bought a home and are moving in. The chickens had a hard time with this move as they were all (24) stuck in our brooder tractor for the last week and a half. On our new property there is a beat up 60 x 12 trailer home that we are using partially for storage. We converted the back room into the chickens new coop. Its 15 x 12 and more than large enough for the 24 birds. We screwed 4'x10'x1/2" sheets of plastic to the floor so the floor would not rot. When we went to cover the floor with our bedding chips, we realized we needed a lot more chips than we had on hand. There is a lot of bare floor. We put the chickens in anyways as they were cramped and fighting a bit all cramed in the brooder tractor. So my question is, we have a ton of old newspaper and a good 20 gallon paper shredder waste can - is there any reason we could not shred the paper and add it to the chips to cover the floor and help us with the costs at this time? I realize the paper will rot faster in the compost and it will absorb the moisture well, but will it cause any unforseen problems??
I don't see a problem with it, unless the ink is an issue, perhaps someone else will know for sure. I use shredded paper as nesting material with no ill effects. The birds love moving it around in their nests. Since your situation is temporary until you can get more bedding, go for it. They will appreciate something in their new place.
I've been using shredded paper and newspaper since the chicks were 4 days old. It works really well and is free!
The only problem I've heard of is if your chickens eat the paper, but I don't think an occasional piece would be a problem.
Most newspapers use soy-based inks, so it will not be toxic. I have used office shredder paper in brooders and it has been fine. It seems that the paper needs to be changed more often than shavings, but heck, it's free.
I used it for a while. No problems, but I got tired of watching them drag long pieces all over, around their ankles. Makes the compost pile much better though. It stretches the wood chips much farther.
Shredded paper works great as litter and bedding, it asorbs well, when it is dirty just scoop it out and put it in a compost pile, it breaks down real well and is a good material for the garden after it has broken down. We have been using it for years and no problem so far.
Well that settles that, Thank you all so much for your opinions! I have shredded many newspapers and dumped them in the coop and the chickens seem to not even notice! Mixed in well with the wood chips. I actually can't wait to start my new compost pile here. I love to go fishing and there is no better place to dig up a billion worms than in a good compost pile!
Thanks again!
Rick and Amy

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