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Jul 9, 2010
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One of my late arrivals appeared to have managed to get shrunk wrapped (membrane was stuck over his eye and back). I managed to get it out and remove the membrane and he appears to be doing well, however when I first got him out he was bleeding from his bum, which appears to be bulging. The bleeding has now stopped and I keep checking up on him to make sure he is still doing ok, but I just wondered if the bulge or the previous bleeding was anything to worry about?

I attach a photo below (although not very clear):
That bulge is where the yolk absorbed into the abdoment of the chick. The bleeding is usually from the umbillical chord. Leave it in the hatcher to fluff up nicely and make sure the bleeding stops, this will also keep it away from the others for a little bit. More often than not, I have found that the bleeding will stop and it will be ok. Sometimes there are chicks that just develop slower and you wind up with one that pips and hatches later. Keep an eye on it, but it will probably be ok and up and around later on.
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It also appeared to pip straight out and not via the air sack. I've had to do the whole incubation at a low temperature as the incubator is not working properly. Once I am satisfied no more are gonna hatch, it will be going back under warranty, but didn't know there was a problem until after they had all started developing!
Ok, if your temps were lower, they will hatch later. Add an extra 2 days onto it. You can candle and see if you still have movement, but don't keep the eggs out of the incubator for too long. Candle quick for movement on a couple and put them back in.
When I first read the title of this post, I thought it said "skunk wrapped chick". I thought, "What in the world?!? Are they trying a new dish similair to bacon wrapped filets?" Thank goodness that's not what it was about-----who would want to eat either a skunk or a tiny chick? Hope the baby does o.k.
Well the bleeding stopped and the bulge disappeared. The chick seems to doing ok except that it doesn't seem to be able to stand properly, it's sort of crawling like it has no strength in it's ankles. I think this might be called walking on it's elbows? I've seen advice for splayed legs, but not this. Any advice?
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