Siamese cat meets chicks up close, a photostory

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    So Tybalt's been in @Purple Rose 's room a number of times, and has sat on the edge of the lid of the brooder, and peered down at the chicks through the hardware cloth. He'd accidentally gotten in at one point recently when she was refreshing their water, and he didn't try to get in or do any damage. So today we figured it was time to let him come up close and see them. 20190520_172341.jpg 20190520_172348.jpg 20190520_173032.jpg 20190520_173045.jpg 20190520_173054.jpg
    This will do for a cat perch

    "So - why are these things here?"

    20190520_173104.jpg 20190520_173148.jpg 20190520_173246.jpg 20190520_173316.jpg

    To me this look says "But that's MY human!"

    20190520_173319.jpg 20190520_173332.jpg 20190520_173424.jpg 20190520_173435.jpg

    Overall I think it went quite well.

    Then it was time to get all the chicks back into the brooder, get the cat out, and close things up.

    We'll have to see what happens with the other two. My shy girl Tarma has been in the room with them, but doesn't approach. Not sure how interested Kethry is. But Tybalt is Maggie's boy, and has been quite upset at getting shut out of her room when she's in there.

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    Aaawww, so sweet! He looks just like my Bobby :love
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    So cute!! :love My big old cat Clyde is terrified of the chicks. He won't step foot in their room lol

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