Sicilian Buttercup hen being attacked by peers...?

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    My little hen is 5 years old.... I got her and two other Buttercups from a straight run. One turned out to be the Roo I still have, and the other two were hens. Fox got the other hen.. so now I just have this one little Buttercup hen. She is one of 35 chickens... and 3 Guineas.. 4 geese but the geese dont't go in the coop as the chickens and guineas do. So my little hen.. Sprite, I call her..real friendly.. comes up wants to be held..I start finding her in the hay roosting at night and not the coop... always stuck her back in the coop. Then one afternoon I find her with her comb bloody and her eye swelled shut.... wash her off with warm water....put her in isolation for a day or two. Turned her loose... she goes in the coop. That morning I check.. she is on the roost. Come home to feed that evening.. she is nowhere... Check the coop completely.. I see feet sticking out from behind a box roost where she apparently ran to get away and got wedged...I get her out.. she is alive... but has a huge hole pecked/eaten out of her back. Take her inside.. wash her, apply Silver Sulphadine to her wound.. isolate her again... now she is loose again and goes back to the hay to roost. Now I know why she goes there.. someone is trying to kill her. Why are "they" singling out out my one friendly little old hen?!! She is so harmless... any thoughts? Could it be just the Guineas? No one else has been maimed like this one? but the guineas do run after the hens and get mouth fulls of feathers from them by just attacking them....the hens scream and run off....any thoughts? Thanks guys.
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