Sicilian Buttercup Roo in Northern California


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8 Years
Aug 31, 2011
Napa, CA
Clausidius is a magnificent Sicilian Buttercup Rooster that needs a new home.
He was hatched October 1, 2011
He is friendly and sleeps in a dog kennel at night so his crowing doesn’t wake the neighbors.
He is not for the stew pot!
He is a pet and has been treated as such. He follows us around the yard, protects his ladies and comes in the house when he wants to.
I had planned on keeping him for his entire natural life, but we received a call from our landlord last week and he has to move back to town to care for his elderly relatives. This means he wants to live in the house we have been renting from him. We have a new place, but it is in town and I don't think my new neighbors will find Clausidius as charming as my current ones do. I am willing to drive him anywhere in Northern California.
Thank you for your interest, but I'm not looking to ship him. If someone from Oregon, or Nevada were interested in meeting me halfway I'd drive him anywhere in N. California.
I live in Red Bluff CA. I am not technically looking for a roo at the moment but I do have plans to get up a bachelor pad and maybe we could work something out, he looks so beautiful and I do love roosters. How is he around hens?
Hi! He is great with the hens, doesn't beat them up and has a little roo buddy that he dominates, but they've never had a scuffle. I do need him to go this week or early next week. I am willing to drive him!
Does he live with the hens and the other roo? I have five hens and one bantam roo who is very very gentle and docile. I'm not sure if that's enough hens to go around. It'll be a bit before I can start the roo rescue I want to have because my hubby just lost his job and we can't afford a third coop. Do you think this arrangement could work? Also, how loud is his crow? My little roo, Wilson, is astonishingly quiet. It doesn't really make a difference to me, just curious. Has he ever had any health problems?
He lives with the little Roo and his hens. He does display to him, but the little Roo respects him so their aren't any fights. Interestingly, the little guy is the one that breeds the girls, not Clausidius. I only have three hens and I've not had any issues with fighting over the girls.
He has a decently loud crow. I'm in the city - hence why he has to go. He is still a small bird, even though he is considered a LF variety. He does not get the volume of the true LF and is louder than my Banty. The Banty is so quiet, his crow sounds like he is crowing into a pillow. If you don't want him to wake you up in the am, he does sleep in a kennel in my garage and that keeps him quiet until I can get up and let them out. Every evening the two roosters are lined up at the back door, I carry them into the garage and they walk into their own kennels. In the morning they come out of the kennels and I shuttle them back out the door to the yard.
He has never had any health problems. He has been vaccinated for Mareck's.

Keep in mind, I do have an adoption contract that states I will take him back if it doesn't work out for any reason.

Karen - okay, lets make it happen then! I have been thinking of him all day and went to the tractor store to investigate alternative coops if he doesn't get along with any of my current flock members. He sounds like he'll be a good fit though. I am home basically every day, if you have a day that works for you to bring him by then let me know we can plan a time etc. Where are you driving from? (Double checked with my husband who is onboard too so I don't forsee anything that would prevent him from fitting in that we couldn't fix).

Would you recommend a quarentine for him? I have yet to do this with any of my chooks but I do do it with my parrots/indoor birds.

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