Sicilian buttercups

Allan Tulloch

In the Brooder
Mar 14, 2017
Belleville ON
Hi everyone. I have some Sicilian buttercup eggs about to hatch and I keep seeing that it is really easy to tell the sex of them when they hatch. But I can't find how to know. Does anybody have experience and the know-how?
Hello there! :welcome
I'm not familiar with that beautiful, unique breed, but I've never heard that before (though it doesn't mean it's not true). But I'm assuming what you read was false? :idunno
So, anyways, sorry I didn't help you that much! But I would LOVE to see pictures of them when they hatch. :thumbsup

(I love your profile picture, by the way)!
From what I'm experiencing, I think that's false. I think they look similar for the first month or so and then the roos will start developing combs and wattles and dark tail feathers. At least that's what is going on with us right now...

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