Sick 14wk EE - Advice Please!

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    Mar 15, 2010
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    Starting about 2 weeks ago my Queen of the Coop Americauna Gretel, would end up on her back unable to get up. When I put her right side up she would be a little wobbly at first, but then back to normal.

    About a week ago she stopped walking altogether, no balance/strength? There are no visible injuries and I don't feel any breaks. At first I thought Mareks, but her eyes are normal and the balance issue seems to be more right side dominant. By this time she had gotten quite thin and almost overnight seemed obviously sick (I didn't notice at first because she is such a fluffy girl) and I have since been keeping her separated from the other birds.

    After some some serious spoiling she seemed to get better (minus the walking), more alert and scooting around a bit. I cleaned up her butt and trimmed her so the poop wouldn't stick, hand fed her to her hearts content and I was feeling very hopeful. But then yesterday she seemed to take a turn for the worse... she will eat some, but hardly touch her water and now she is breathing heavier with her mouth gaping a lot.

    I don't have any experience with sick chickens and I am heartbroken with worry that I can't make her better...any ideas? Worms? Low calcium? I only have 5 girls and they have pretty much my whole back yard to run free. They eat crumbles, plus daily "treats" of either yogurt, fruit, greens, oats, grains, crickets, etc.

    Her poop seemed a little runny at one point, but seems fine now. If there is any other information that would be helpful let me know!
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    I would still suspect Marek's. The disease doesn't always effect the eyes. The crippling effects are caused by lesions on the brain, which could cause weakness on one side depending upon what part of the brain is effected. Marek's also causes tumors that shut down vital organs. The route of infection is respiratory. If your girl does have Marek's, she is unlikely to recover from her currently depressed state. I would probably euthanize her, but I would try to get a necropsy to confirm that Marek's was the cause. I'd want to know if the rest of my flock was at risk of MD or any other infectious disease.
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    Jan 12, 2010
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    I would suspect Marek's as well. I am sorry if that is what it is. Mine pretty much did the same thing in the end. Wouldn't drink or eat unless I hand fed her and wouldn't walk at all. Her eyes were normal, but a necropsy showed tumors in her brain.

    I hope this is not what you have. Good luck and do try and have a necropsy done.

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