sick 2 day old bantam chick


12 Years
Mar 5, 2007
today got 8 Milles Fleur bantam chicks from My Pet Chicken. All seemed healthy, drank lots of water and ate. Tonight one seems ill. eyes closed, weak. She is in my hand now. I have 4 broody hens (not bantams but we have had hens hatch out and raise ducks and bantams) in the barn. Should I put this chick under a hen or put her back in the brooder tonight? Any ideas, please.
I'd probably keep her in the brooder, close, but separated from the others. Do you have any nutridrench? Or vitamins you can give her? Probably just shipping stress. Hope she perks up for you.
probably not the best idea to put it under the hen but you will want to isolate the sick chick just in case also clean everything (food dish, waterier, ext.)

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