Sick 3 month old chicken

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    Nov 18, 2013
    About 3 days ago I called my flock so they could eat out of my hand. 6 out of 7 came running. My little blonde girl just stood where she was and didn't come over. I went over to her and she walk around a little bit, but she seemed off balance. I was able to get her into the chicken coop and pick her up for an inspection. She seems to have a darkening of her feathers by her right leg. I'm not sure if it's a puncture or cut oozing something or from her poop, but it's only on the right side. When I put her back down, she really seemed off balance. :( She just stayed in the same spot. Later, she had accommodated herself more comfortably on the floor. The next morning she seemed a lot better, but not back to her normal self. She was eating a little and drank some water. She spent most of the day in and around the coop even though the door is open. 2 nights ago night she slept in one of the laying boxes instead of on the floor. Yesterday, she seemed the same or a little worse. Last night she flew up in the tree where she normally sleeps, but today she's back in the laying box in the coop. She's still eating though.
    Does anyone know what's wrong and or what I can do???[​IMG]
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    Did she have a Mareks vaccine? She could possibly have a sprained leg that will need some time to heal. Check the bottom of her foot pad for swelling and a black spot that might mean bumblefoot. I don't know what to think about the darkened feathers unless she dust-bathed in something, but I would check her skin closely for a wound.

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