Sick 4 month old Bantam Roo


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Jun 18, 2013
I rescued my little Leo when he was about a week old. I had to teach him how to be a chicken.. he's really slowly developing. Anyway his face, and legs have been really flakey. It's like how humans have dandruff, just on his face and legs. He has also had really stuffy ears the stuff I get out looks like cheese crumbles. He also picks at himself as well as his feet, they always are really scaly and callused at the bottom. I've been searching your web site and tried all of the following things to help him; cleaned his feet, face, ears all out and coated them in original neosporin, wrapped his feet with pet bandages after they are cleaned and coated in neo. I've tried chicken RX from tractor supply all over his face, feet, under wings, and that seems to make his skin fire engine red and not help.. I'm kind of at a loss to help heal my baby. We keep him inside by himself in a heat lamped cage because it's chilly in our house. After googling I'm thinking he has a respiratory infection, a fungal infection and bumble foot.. so what type of antibiotic can knock out those sicknesses?

Here he is

Tylan for the respiratory issue. Can you post a picture of the legs and feet. He may have scaly leg mites.
Thanks for that, I will get some pictures tomorrow evening when my boyfriend gets home. I have really shaky hands and have a hard time getting clear pictures when i'm alone, also I need to give my leo another soak and change his bandages. Thank you once again for your help!! I will post back tomorrow :)

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