Sick 4mo old Bantam Roo (with Pics)


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6 Years
Jun 18, 2013
My little Roo Leo is suffering from flakes all over his face and the bottom of his feet. They get really bad and scabby. I've tried cleaning his face with water and hydroperoxide then coating it in original neosporin. I've also tried vaseline, and chicken RX from tractor supply. Nothing seems to be taking away this flakiness. I've been soaking his feet in warm water and hydroperoxide then coating them in neo and using vet wrap to make little shoes and protect his feet. Tonight I took some pictures before I treated him so maybe you guys/gals can help me. He also has cheesy ears and another user recommended Tylan for him, I was wondering how much to give him and how often. This is my first sick chicken, I am the proud momma of 4 others who are healthy. He is in our home in a cage under a heat lamp, he is eating and drinking normally. I also put a cap full of apple cider vinegar in his water as he used to get pasty butt. :( Any help would be wonderful! Thank you very much!


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