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    Hi, I am new the forum, but have been reading posts on it for the last several months. We have backyard chickens and one of our fiver are sick. They rest are doing just fine.

    She is a 6 month old Black Maran. She has lived with us since she was 2 months old. 4 days ago we thought she was going to lay her first egg, because she started crouching down low and not standing up straight. She was laying in random spots in the yard and then in the coop, but not standing up straight. We kind of helped her waddle up the ramp into the coop in the evening, but by morning she hadn't moved. We thought maybe she was trying to lay, because her tail was moving up and down rhythmically. The next morning she hadn't moved and had become more lethargic. We put some food and water in the coop with her, but by the next day she was worse.

    We have felt her whole body and do not feel anything that feels like an egg. We have read and read and still can't quite figure out what we are feeling in her, but nothing feels like an egg. We have held her in warm water, brought her inside and have a heat lamp on near her. At this point she is not lifting her head at all. Yesterday (the 3rd day), she was opening her eyes and looking at us, but we have to lift her neck to get her to drink anything. We started force feeding her mashed up boiled egg and giving her a little bit of honey. We have added some calcium and asprin to her water. She is definitely a little stronger today (she clothes her beak when we are messing with her and is moving her tail). Today she even moved a wing to reposition herself.

    She is pooping and it is mostly a dark green with some white that is runny.

    We love her and really want to help her, but don't know what to do. I am concerned that we are prolonging her death by trying all of these things, but if we have a hope we want to help. We would really like to try things at home that we can do and not go to a vet. Please let me know if there are any suggestions that you have or if I left out any important info.
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    [​IMG] Cant offer any advise, but the tlc should count for something!

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