Sick? 8 week old cochin

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    Quote:I think the suggestions that you got back on the Cochin thread are good ones. She should definitely be on "medicated" starter. The poo doesn't necessarily have to look like the classic stool of cocci. I had a young bird that was fine and bouncing around one day and the next was sitting all hunched up, fluffed up, just generally looking poorly. It died before I could even figure out what to do (less than 24 hrs), and begin the medication. Since that time if they look a bit fluffed up, I begin a course of treatment.
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    is sh on just starter, or starter/GROWER???

    cause if she is not on grower, you may want to change it over (switch my winging her a little at a time).
    It may be that she is not getting the right nutrition.
    You can give her either poly v sol (without iron) or put vitamins in the water.
    also feed her some scrambled eggs with buttermilk in it to help give her some more boost.

    Does she have any other weakness, leg paralysis, wing drop, wheezing, sneezing, bubbles from the nose, or eye discharge?

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