Sick adult hen... laying down.. can't walk without stumbling and neck tilting back

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    Mar 25, 2017
    I added 4 new chickens about 3 weeks ago and all are doing well except for the light Brahma.

    She is 2-3 years old was fine when I got her but starting acting sick about a week ago.
    She lays on the ground and will not get in the nest or hardly move. She walks like she is drunk, stumbling around and her head keeps bending back in crazy ways.

    I added proantibotics and electrolytes to her water and even gave her some by syringe.
    Seems to only be getting worse... any Idea ?

    She was literally fine and normal the first few weeks and all the other hens are fine.

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    Apr 3, 2011
    southern Ohio
    She has symptoms of wry neck, a neurological symptom that can be a result of a head injury, a vitamin deficiency, and seen in some infectious diseases. Her comb is dark like she is not getting enough oxygen to her heart. Her crop looks large. Can you check it when her neck is more relaxed, to see if it is full, soft, or hard? Check it again at daylight before she has eaten when it should be empty. Crops can aapear larger with wry neck, but hers looks big. Separate her with food and water, and put vitamins in her water that contain thiamine, vitamin E, and give her a little chopped egg for selenium. Look inside her throat for anything unusual or any yellow patches. Does she have any nasal drainage or watery eyes? When new chickens are added, diseases may be brought into the flock. Ideally they should be quarantined for at least a month in case you see symptoms of a disease.
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