sick ameraucana? or am I just being neurotic?

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    Mar 14, 2012
    so i had a baby (5 or 6 day old) ameraucana die yesterday and replaced her today with a new ameraucana who is 1.5-2 weeks old. when i checked on the old ameraucana (henrietta the 1st) in the morning on the day she died she would lay down and then get up, run around for a couple seconds and then lay down again. my gut said that she was laying down too much but i didn't think too much of it. nothing else seemed wrong-- she was eating and pooping normally. then out of nowhere she died that afternoon. SO the next day my boyfriend bought the second ameraucana (henrietta the 2nd) who is a little older than the first. when my boyfriend got her home (at noon today) she was asleep in her box and had to be woken when she was put in her brooding box. NOW henrietta the 2nd is doing the same thing as the first! she's laying down looking really tired and then jumping up and running around.. maybe 2-3 times every 5 minutes. all of my other chicks are running around, not sleeping. is this a breed thing or is #2 on the decline as well?!??! if so.. any idea what's wrong with her?!

    any help would be GREATLY appreciated. i'm new to all of this :)

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