sick and dying chicks

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    Apr 20, 2013
    I ordered 50 cornish cross and 26 barred rocks. They arrived Tuesday- unbeknownst to mefrom 2 seperate hatcheries. (I ordered from 1)
    cornish cross:
    Saturday night I noticed 1 was extremely lethargic. I knew he wasn't going to make it. Sure enough Sunday morning it was dead. Now I have another in which death seems eminent. Eyes are closed, they almost look dried or stuck shut.
    I brought it inside, have heat on it, gave it a drop of flat mt dew, drops of water-which it does lick at with more energy than I expected. It just passed an orange colored stool.
    there is another chick in my brooder that seems to be declining as well.
    They are on non-gmo feed that I get from local amish. The barred rocks are seperate from these by a 3 foot wall, but same brooder house.

    barred rocks:
    came from a different hatchery than where I ordered them from. 9 were DOA.
    the rest were lethargic. The hatchery recommended soda with caffeine to boost and stimulate hunger / thirst.
    this worked well. They are on a medicated chick start feed with some non-gmo feed as well because the non-gmo feed is smaller.
    they seem to be okay so far.

    I've never lost chicks before. This is definitely not a trampling situation.
    My only difference is it the hatchery. I will say they're in PA.
    Any ideas? Thoughts?
    Thanks a bunch,
    Sad Momma :(
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    Apr 3, 2011
    southern Ohio
    Getting chicks shipped is always a gamble, but especially during very cold or very hot weather. It also matters how many days in shipping that they spend. I usually give all new chicks vitamin electrolyte water or Grogel for the first 24 hours, and dip each chick's beak into water a couple of times. Sorry for your loss. Here is a good link to read about shipping stress:
  3. decoursey farm

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    Apr 20, 2013
    Upon further research it looks to be possible pneumonia. I think the flucuation in temps during shipment probably played a part in it.

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