Sick and tired of people not locking they dogs up...


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Apr 26, 2009
Grainger County,TN
This morning one of my chickens got murdered by some hunting dogs on our property.By the time we seen it it was to late and husband could only shot into the ground to run em off. Next time they wont be so lucky.
I am sick and tired of burying my animals because these rednecks here dont have enough common sense to keep they coonhounds locked up. I know its not the dogs fault and they doing what they are raised to do, but the only way the owners will even care if we hit em in their pocketbook. Granted it was a 5 dollar chicken but it was ON MY PROPERTY and they came onto MY property.
I had to walk my property to find his carcass and look at it..It broke my heart knowking he died a miserable death from these darn dogs.
I am sorry but this is the second one I lost this week. Time is up..Next time they will be shot on sight.

I lost a horse 3 years ago because someones dog was on my property. I had enough and I am so PO`ed and sad over this that I am considering not getting anymore.We have so many loose dogs and cats here its not even funny.people used ot dump their kittens on this road all the time .Then it was puppies or mistreated dogs.Once it was a goat.

I am sorry but I had to vent this out of me.

Husband is upset cause I am upset and he isnt going to stand for it anymore.


First deep breath. If you know the dogs owners, you know they can be held liable for damage to livestock, $5 chicken or not, it's livestock, second, learn to shoot yourself if you don't already know. If your birds free range, you may need to build them a run (strong as you can), while you "thin" your local preditors. As bad as it sounds, at this point nothing comming onto your land should get any exceptions. If the neghbors are unreasonable (Dogs should be allowed to roam etc...) then SSS may be an answer.
I had a pet rock and the neighbor's dog broke into the crate it was in (remember those little heavy paper cages?) and ran off with it. I never found it, but the dog never came back either.
If it was a hound, chances are it was on a training run or dumped.

If you live in the country, you're going to encounter us rednecks!
But just because they're rednecks doesn't excuse them from compensating you for your birds.

Also, very often, what happens is the people who hunt for sport(and tend to have a bit more $$$$) will buy a freshly trained dog pack every beginning of the season and then when the season is over, take the whole pack and dump them in the woods. No loyalty to their animals at all.

When my mother moved out to the country, she was surprised that so many hounds ran across her property. Many just running training exercises but nevertheless.

If the dog is on your property, then you "usually" have the legal right to shoot it. In many areas you have to prove the animal was "in the act". So mom, finally broke down and fenced her property(all 10 acres!!) with a simple field fence and she hasn't had any more issues with hounds chasing her cats or chickens. They simply trail along her fence and go on their way.

ALSO!! Very important, you MUST check your local hunting laws. I know that where I leave, you can shoot the dog, but under no circumstance can you REMOVE collars, whether the collar is a plain ID collar or a radio collar. Our local gamewarden made absolutely sure we understood this, he's encountered many poultry owners who shoot hounds and then remove the collar. He's had to fine them or turn them into the police, even though they were legally allowed to shoot the animal, just not remove the collar.

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Sorry for your lost. I know exactly how you feel. Earlier this year we lost 2 dogs, a 9 month old lab and a chi due to neighbors allowing their female dog run loose while she was in heat.
The lab was on a run and the chi was lying on the porch when this dog came from behind our house being followed by several large dogs.
The chi ran off the porch barking one of the bigger dogs just bit him in half there was nothing we could do because it happened so fast.
Hubby went in to get the gun but by time he got it loaded they had already made it over to the lab and killed him.
We went over and talked to the owners and all they would say was that's nature.
So now our motto is it come on our land we have the right to with it as we see fit.
That may seem cruel but we lost 2 pets as our children watched.
So mom, finally broke down and fenced her property(all 10 acres!!) with a simple field fence

Wolf-Kim--what is field fence?​
I heard of an experience from the other end of the hunting-dog-across-private-land problem. One of my relatives on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington had a cougar come walking up his driveway in broad daylight. So he got his gun and his two dogs and his brother and a friend that were at his house at the time and took out after it. He had cattle, sheep, chickens, ducks and geese to protect

The cougar, chased by the dogs, ran through a county campground where some fishermen were relaxing. Seeing the two dogs running without being on leashes, they did their civic duty and caught one of them. The other dog went about a quarter mile and treed the cougar. When the cougar looked down and saw just one dog, he was disinclined to stay up in the tree. Luckily the man with the gun appeared before the cougar came down to take care of the dog. After the excitement was over the men went looking for the other dog and found him eating treats and relaxing with the fishermen.

The fishermen had the facts of life explained to them and the dog was taken back. I was told, disgustedly, that the fishermen were no doubt from Seattle or California. That, no doubt, explained their cluelessness.
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my dh being a deputy comes across this alot during deer hunting season. he picks the dogs up and takes them to the shelter, the owners have to bring proof of vaccine records from the Vet and"bail" out the dogs. 'round here lots of hunters just goto the co-op and buy shots themselves or they just dont bother. so shot records are usually a problem!
I didnt mean to offend anyone by the redneck term.I live in rural Tennessee .. trust me.. that term I use is rather flattering to some people. My husband is a redneck.. well sometimes.

As to me building a fence etc.. I have over an acre.. You know the cost involved to build a fence that a 80 lbs dog cant get across or over? Why should I have to suck up the cost because people run their dogs. Why should I have to spend money on my land to make sure other people`s dogs dont kill my lifestock? Bullets are cheaper.
Why do I need to have to suck up my loss and my hobby because people are irresponsible? No one hunts around my mountain I know that for sure.. so they prolly where either dumped or ran off or where hunting and run off. They had collars on with tags. I cant blame the dosg and I dotn and I wish there was another solution but they killed my Senor Taco and I am rather miffed.
Trust me.. SSS sounds more than good to me at this point.
I wasnt close enough to shoot either one of them and I know how to shoot.I usualy carry my 9mm but at 30 yards with a handgun I liable to miss and only wound them. And i dotn wnI dont want that.
And on top of that husband lost his best buddy last month in Afghanistan in a roadside ambush but only found about it this morning. Oddly enough Husband got in a Helo crash and isnt going over there anytime soon.But he would have been with him since they are on the same rotation and allways work together.So this has not been a good day in our house.

But I will do this to try to avoid a bad situation. I am putting up a flyer or 2 in the area to let people know that these 2 dogs where on my property and killed Senor Taco. Next time they will be seen on my property they can either get them while their are still alive or bring a shovel if they dont show up within a certain amount of time.

I need a beer!

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