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    Feb 16, 2009
    Hello. I am new here. But I need help.

    Last friday, I bought 5 little pullets from an auction near us. I got them home and did not even see the little Barred Rock at the bottom of the others. She is lots smaller than the rest. So I put them in the hen house. No other chickens have been in there for 3 months. They are fine for a few days. Then the BR just looks puny. She's fluffed up and sleepy looking. So I put her in a cage by herself on Sunday. I called the vet. Long story. I think it's resperatory infection and stress from being at that auction.

    So now she is inside in a box because it's been cold out. I have given her a little neamyacin in water. She's eating and drinking ok. Her poop is normal looking. Not runny at all. No blood.

    She is wheezy and every morning I think she'll be dead, but she's still with us so far. I read somewhere it could be cocci. I have some Corid, so I put just a tiny bit in some water just now.

    I really don't know what to do. I just paid $7.00 for her. I'm really now out much if she dies. But I hate to see an animal suffer.

    If anyone knows what else I could do for her, I'd try it. And I know when I buy anything at an auction I am taking a big risk. The others look good except the 2 red ones feet are crooked. Not a big problem, but I'm sure that's why they were sold.

    Thanks. Kris
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    If it is respiratory, I would personally put her to sleep. Otherwise, she could transfer a disease to you other chickens. And even if she gets better, she could be a carrier and still infect the others.
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