Sick baby bantams, 5th day of Tylan50


Apr 2, 2017
When the weather changed suddenly last week and turned cold and rainy, I've had some bantam chicks that got very sick, 1 died that day and another is still making a squeaking sound when she breathes. She also extends her head and opens her beak to take breaths, it has gotten somewhat better but as this is the 5th day of meds with Tylan 50 I'm not sure what to do at this point. Another of the bantams hasn't been eating this morning so I will have to buy a tube and feed her manually if she doesn't eat, when we brought them inside she was sneezing bubbles out of her nostrils,that has stopped but she is still visibly feeling bad.
Other than the 2 described, the others are just sneezing, even the squeaker is still eating and drinking.
I have been giving them .2-.3ml of Tylan once daily and have added .5cc to their only drinking water. I am unsure what to do at this point, should I try a different medicine? Or continue with the tylan50? I've read that it should be given for no more than 5 days, is this accurate?

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