sick baby chick, please help


6 Years
Apr 15, 2013
one of my 8 is not thriving like the others. her body rocks with her beak open as she breathes. her eyes are closed most of the time, it seems she is so exhausted that all she can do is let out a few shrill chirps like she is uncomfortable. at first she would stumble over to the food and take a few pecks at it. now i have to feed her (crumbled egg yolk and warm mashed medicated feed) and drop electrolyte water on the tip of her beak. i have felt her crop several times and sometimes it makes little watery noises, and at the bottom i felt a few very small hard fragments, not sure if that is normal. she poops maybe twice a day- green with white. i am not sure that her crop empties all the way, but she is pooing still, but not a lot. any advice, knowledge, experience- anything- will be so appreciated.
How old is your chick? I get the green and white poop from the new hatchlings for a few days before they get kickstarted into gear. As for your chick, I would continue to do what you are doing. Some just don't thrive and some are a real battle to have live.

Did you buy your chicks? order them or hatch them yourself? Sometimes stress kills chicks that are shipped or maybe even a congenital defect. When I have chicks like that, I feel like the extra nurturing really does go a long way, of course I have no science for that. Please update if it gets any better.

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