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Jun 16, 2013
I have a baby chick, about 6 weeks old, who seemed completely healthy. I was gone all day picking up some new goats so didn't see anything out of the ordinary. But tonight when I fed and watered the chickens, this one chick stayed off by herself and when I checked she was laying down on her stomach and head stretched out. I thought she was dead. When I picked her up and tried to set her back down she won't stand.
She felt like she was shivering so I brought her in the house and put her in a box. She felt like she was shivering. I gave her some sugar water in a syringe, and noticed when she pooped it was kind of greenish and watery and smelled KIND of bad but not rank.
I have all kinds of goat meds, don't know if I have anything for a chicken!
What could be wrong with her? I have only had chickens a month and know nothing about sicknesses. I suppose it is a fast steep learning curve like with goats.
I'm not certain that she has coccidiosis, but I would suspect it. If you can get Corid liquid 2tsp per gallon for 5 days. It is located in the cattle med section at the feed store. Some get blood in the poop, and some don't. The quicker she is on it the better. Even if it turns out to be something else, the med won't her her. Treat all the chicks since it is contagious.
If you've ever had to treat you goats for coccidiosis, you can probably use that medicine on the chickens.

I have Corid right now! How much would I give her tonight to get her started? Or should I make a whole batch of it and just syringe some into her. I will treat all the water tomorrow for the other chickens.
She is Old Polish. I don't have a scale that small but from the feel of her she is thin and couldn't weigh more than half a pound. And I have liquid Corid.
You could try giving her one drop of the Corid and then try to get her to drink the medicated water. Dose for the liquid is 2 teaspoons per gallon or 2.5 ml per quart.

No, I didn't know about the dosage for chickens. Thank you so much. I don't know anything about sicknesses in chickens. I just know with my goats, I've had baby goats born that had a rough delivery and seemed like they would die, but I've saved them with the right meds, getting them warm, etc. I've saved several. I have other people telling me to kill the chick and let it go,
that it's not worth worrying over and possibly endangering my whole flock.
She just lays in the box with her neck stretched out. She is alert when I go to wake her up to check on her but she won't even try to stand. I honestly don't know what I am dealing with or what I am up against.

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